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Masturbasi or masturbation is a deliberate provocation carried out in organ genitals to get sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Masturbasi done by most men and women. On a research revealed that more than 90% men and women are reported to have masturbasi! Even more evident largely remain to continue this activity on a regular basis even though they have been married.

Masturbasi is Normal? The answer is a normal-normal saja. Questions arise then is how many times masturbasi still be considered normal. In a week kisarannya can be 0-20 times, how many times the normal was associated with the comfort of their own perceived. Masturbasi can be a problem if it makes you decrease the quality of life including work, school, hobbies, or social relationships with the surrounding environment.

Masturbasi bring a lot of myths about the harmful consequences and shame. Myths that often appear in the community that the sperm into liquid and out is not correct because the fluid sperm cells and spermatozoa produced during fruit still remain healthy penis and the effect of factors such as nutrition, temperature, etc., remain good. Physically, the effect masturbasi almost no exception when actors try to enter the genitals in the hole to a bottle or other dangerous objects. Scientifically masturbasi also not related to the sterility, ejakulasi early, impotensi, hair fall, or porous knee. But masturbasi frequency that is too often less impact because both can reduce productivity.

Negative effects that occur more frequently towards the emergence of the psychic burden of guilt and fear. Guilt in the end this will cause tension (stress). This condition diperburuk by the fact that masturbasi cause kecanduannya feel like someone addicted to drugs. Feeling guilty and this is the addiction that is the early emergence of psychological disturbance on the perpetrators.

Feeling guilty because it appears masturbasi is not recommended by very religious. In fact each person instinctively knows that it does not make masturbasi correct. It was the whispering voice of truth that can not be ignored as such. Voice of truth that comes from the human world will continue to make a reprimand if the perpetrators activity. That is why each of masturbasi will always be feeling guilty and depressed. Those who are used to make masturbasi will face many psychological disturbances such as interference reduction retention, decreased self-confidence, and the factors that make it addicted.

However, apart from these things, the experts would assess masturbasi sex activity as a normal, natural, even beneficial to health. Some experts think that masturbasi can improve sexual health because of increasing understanding someone akan parts of the body and the way how memuaskannya, build confidence, and attitudes can understand yourself. This knowledge can then be taken to obtain a satisfactory sexual relationship in the future, either way masturbasi with a partner, or because it can inform spouses' tricks' that can satisfy himself. From the moral is, masturbasi made in the normal limit, further action can be tolerated rather than the free sex with many types of opponents in turn. (Arie Yulianto)


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